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This training will teach you how to distinguishing yourself, your product, and your company to win the competitive battle in medical sales.

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Distinction Influences HCP Buying Behavior

There is no advantage to presenting products and services that seem to offer little if any difference from what your targeted prospects are using now. The only way to win the competitive battle in medical sales is through distinction.

What You Will Learn:

  • To understand the Principles of Distinction from the perspective of physicians and other HCPs.

  • How the seller (you!), the company, and the product impact commodity vs. distinction status.

  • How to create distinction by knowing the prospect/customer better than the competition.

  • How to create distinction based on each buyer's needs, concerns, and motivation.

  • Secrets to creating distinction during sales conversations.

  • Leveraging emotion to create distinction with healthcare buyers..

  • In a world where HCPs and other healthcare buyers commoditize products to simlify decisions and manage costs, creating distinction is the sales representatives main job.

    Who Is This For?

      Medical Sales Professionals Who Represent: 

    • Medical Devices

    • Pharmaceuticals

    • DME

    • Healthcare Related Business Products/Services

    • Biologics

    • Any Healthcare Product or Service

    Meet The Presenter

    CEO & Founder, Medical Sales Academy

    Mace Horoff

    "It is an honor to be able to champion the current and next generation of medical sales professionals into a new era. More than ever, you face the challenges of product commoditization, buying contracts, and pricing pressure. That's why I created Distinguish To Dollars. With this course, you'll move from commodity to distinction when facing new opportunities and challenges.

    ... see you on the inside!"

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